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Amazon Echo Devices in US Now Supports Apple and Spotify Podcasts


So far, Apple Podcasts has been a service that is available for those who own an Apple device. You needed to have an iPhone, Mac or iPad to enjoy the seamless streaming of podcast content. That is now changing, since Amazon Echo devices in the United States have received support for podcasts from Apple as well as Spotify. Users who own these smart assistant devices will now be able to connect their podcasts collections in both Spotify and Apple by simply saying a keyword to the listening Echo device.

It should be noted that Amazon has brought extensive support for the service this time. For instance, users don’t have to use AirPlay for streaming the content. Simply connecting their Apple credentials would bring the entire podcasts collection to Echo library, which according to Amazon has a bigger collection even now. As per what Amazon says, more than 800,000 podcasts would be brought to the compiled library. Users will also have an option to choose Apple Podcasts as their default podcast streaming service provider. This move does not seem unlikely since both companies have been expanding compatibility for a while now.

Recently, Apple TV was brought to Amazon’s Fire TV, through the official application. Similarly, users do now have an official Apple Music app that is available for Amazon Echo devices and Fire TV. So, Apple Podcasts is not the first service to have third-party compatibility with Amazon products. At the same time, Spotify also has announced that it is bringing podcasts streaming to Echo devices, and this feature would be available for both free and paid users. Hitherto, only premium subscribers were able to stream podcasts to their Echo devices using Spotify Connect, but now, podcasts too can be streamed over the air.

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