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Apple pro display XDR pricing at $4999 and stand at $999


After Mac Pro, Apple also launched the XDR Pro Display with a 6K professional display, which designed to use in the Mac Pro‌ and other Apple machines of high-powered. Comparison between Pro Display XDR with Mac Pro, and as XDR arrive today, Mac pro-company thought they are unboxing, first impressions video of Mac for Rumors readers. Display designed for expert use, the XDR Pro Display has a price tag of $4,999, which is not consumer-friendly. If the user wants a functional display, users need to pay $6,000, because unless the user is going to mount the screen using the VESA $200 mount, which is only available at the current time.

The XDR Pro Display transports in a white box the same as Mac Pro and comes in microfiber along with braided power cable, and a braided Thunderbolt cable 3. Mac Pro gets Display of XDR without the Nano-texture matte, which costs at $1,000, which is more expensive and not started shipping yet, but if users want to buy the Nano-texture version, it’s better to clean with a given cloth so the display will not get damaged. The XDR Pro Display attaches to the standalone with the help of super-strong magnets, and the full setup high-quality and feels sturdy, and as the price is high. The XDR Pro has the same lattice design as Mac Pro‌ is having at the back, used for cooling and ventilation. XDR Pro Display consists of four USB-C ports, one of them serving as a 3 Thunderbolt port for joining to the Mac Pro‌.

Users can spin the XDR Pro Display into landscape or portrait mode or with the help of a little button given on the monitor stand and is convenient to those who prefer to use displays vertically. Height and Tilt can be adjusted. The display is of 32 inches in size with 6016 x 3384 resolution, which looks fantastic. It features 1,000 nits of continued brightness and 1,600 nits of peak light with a super-wide viewing angle with a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio. The accuracy of color is suitable and impressive for professionals, and the HDR with peak light 1600 nits is outstanding for those who edit the content of HDR. Apple is charging the price of $4,999 for display, which sounds shocking, but the display is for professional use. Also, thinking about the feature set and quality, the price looks good as compared to other pro-level monitors.

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