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Blanket Ban On E-Cigarettes And Vaping Can Potentially Backfire Adult Smokers


Experts have found out that straight away banning e-cigarettes and vaping can do potential harm to adult smokers. Groups of public health and tobacco policy ethics experts have said that rushing through a blanket ban on nicotine e-cigarettes and vaping can take away a powerful tool to help quit smoking from young adults. It can thwart the efforts of adult smokers who are trying to quit regular cigarettes by choosing electronic cigarettes.  The ban on vaping and e-cigarettes came after thousands of Americans were hospitalized due to vaping related lung injuries this year. E-cigarettes and vaping use have been on a rise with 2000 hospitalization and 50 deaths in recent months.  Several states and cities have banned the sale of vaping e-cigarettes and vaping to protect public health. However, experts have cautioned that it can have an adverse effect as well.

Journal Science has published the findings of the study. Scholars have said that vaping has its potential risk but a blanket ban is a harmful reduction initiative. The lead author of the study Amy Fairchild has said that vaping policy debate should include an assessment of the existing crisis in terms of all the scientific evidence related to risks and benefits. She said there should be a clear distinction between nicotine and THC products in terms of products sold by the black market and reputed companies. There should also be a peculiarity between the potential risks and benefits of these products for adults.

Experts have drawn comparisons to initial reluctance towards needle exchange program, which was designed to prevent people from life-threatening injections, who were not ready to quit heroin. The authors of the study claimed that evidence related to harmful reduction should outweigh the emotional feedbacks of the people. They have made it clear that we should be aware of the outcome of extreme measures in the context of harmful reduction. We have seen the negative consequences of harmful reduction initiatives regarding heroin use, HIV prevention, and alcohol consumption.  Experts have said that experts, cigarette smoking is the sole reason for nearly a half-million deaths every year in the US.  Around 16 million Americans are diagnosed with tobacco-related diseases.  Cigarettes use can cause lung and other cancers, type 2 diabetes, and heart attacks as well. Smoking can result in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary ailments. Authors have said although vaping and electronic cigarettes do have some risk but smoking is way more dangerous than vaping nicotine.

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