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Apple Customers won’t have to bare a special price for Apple’s 12 5G models.


Apple is undergoing the manufacture of 5G enabled smartphones. 5G wireless network is the start of a new era and will be available in 2020 for the customers. 5G offers high data speed and performance than currents 4G LTE networks. Leading players such as Samsung, LG, Motorola have already started selling their 5G embedded smartphones in the United States. Apple will begin in 2020 to market these 5G smartphones. There are rumors that the prices of Apple smartphones will hike according to the 5G specification, respectively. Apple launches its series every year, and rates are considerably higher according to the previous range and series. They also expect to launch Apple 12 series in 5G specifications and prices higher according to it. But Ming-Chi Kuo, who works as an analyst for TF International Securities, has different predictions and expectations from Apple.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple will not significantly raise its prices on next year’s 5G phones. Apple has more production costs in its 5G manufacturing process. Apple will cut loose and save money on the supply chain. It reduced the other variable expenses which occur during the manufacturing process. It is a challenge situation for Apple, but they are very keen to accept it. They will not compromise on the quality. They won’t let customers bare the upper price for its new 5G production. They have loyal customers all around the globe and Apple doesn’t want its customers to expense extra. Kuo said Apple would not raise the price at all, only that it will not jump as it has in previous years. He also predicted that Apple would stick to the design of Apple 4, which they launched in 2010.

Apple has started to market its 5G smartphones all around the globe. It will be exciting to see what Apple does in 2020. Apple has to compete with the giant players such as Samsung, LG and Motorola in the 5G market who have already launched their 5G smartphones with fewer expenses.

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