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CDC Said Because Of Unexpected Virus Flu Season Has Started Early This Year


Right now, everyone is worried about only one thing, and that’s this year’s flu season. CDC said there had been outbreaks of a virus because of which this year’s flu season has started earlier. According to the CDC, this year’s flu season is starting way earlier than it did not happen in the last 15 years. The flu season has already started in various states, even though the whole country’s not getting infected because of it.

Southern states have recently reported an increase in the number of patients getting admitted to the hospital because of influenza and related illnesses. CDC officially declared that half of the country is suffering from moderate to a high level of flu, and this year’s situation looks worse. Usually, flu season lasts for about 14 weeks, and that’s why officials think people need to take care of themselves in such hard situations.

Some experts are saying the early start of the flu season is the ultimate symptom that people need to buckle up. However, some think the virus which is getting hasn’t been identified yet, and one cannot say based on only a few days data about how many it will last. Previously in 2003-04, the USA witnessed one of the deadliest flu seasons, which hospitalized thousand’s of people and hundreds of them even died. According to experts, there are different types of viruses involved when it comes to the spreading of flu. An infection that is spreading right now usually doesn’t come until March or April, and many analysts are surprised. Louisiana became the first state to get hit hard with this year’s flu virus, and doctors in there already mentioned that they were witnessing patients coming since October. Many hospitals are seeing a higher number of patients this fall than they did the whole of last year.

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