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Study Reveals Lack Of Sleep In Poor People Put Them At Higher Risk Of Heart-Related Ailments


A new study has revealed that bad sleep makes poor people vulnerable to many types of heart disease. Researchers from the University Center of General Medicine and Public Health, Switzerland said economically weak people sleep for a short span of time for various reasons. And this insufficient sleep is a primary reason why they are at a higher risk of heart-related ailments. Researchers observed that people with lower socioeconomic status do not get enough time to sleep. This could be because they work in shifts, do multiple jobs, live in noisy environments, and others. Also, these people suffer from greater levels of emotional and financial stress.

The study noted poor sleep explained 13.4 percent of the link between occupation and heart disease in men. In women, author of the study Dusan Petrovic said that researchers saw an absence of mediation by lack of sleep. This was because of a weak relationship between occupation and sleep duration compared to men. The conclusion of the study was published in the Cardiovascular Research journal. It was the first study of its kind wherein researchers examined whether short sleep in the disadvantaged section is a factor why they are at an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases. For the study, researchers studied the sleep behavior of eight groups comprising nearly 1.11 lakh people from European countries. The participants were classified as low, middle, or high based on their occupation. Clinical assessment of the participants was done to obtain a history of coronary heart disease. While less than six hours of sleep in the night was categorized as poor sleep, six to 8.5 hours of sleep was categorized as normal sleep. More than 8.5 hours of sleep daily was categorized as a long sleep.

Researchers mentioned that structural reforms are required to overcome the situation and aid these people to live a healthy lifestyle. They said that measures should be taken at every level of society to spread awareness about the benefits of taking adequate sleep. Besides, efforts should also be made to curb noise pollution. The environmental noise is viewed as a significant cause of sleep disturbance. It provokes biological changes in the body which affects the quality of sleep.

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