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Review of the game Death Stranding


Every bit of Death Stranding is filled with meaning. Death Stranding is a multi-layered game. The game contains several potential points of attack to explore. In the game, there is a fatherhood story. Death Stranding is concerned with upcoming environmental Death Stranding disasters & politics of America, both old & the new. The game is also about throwing grenades made from one’s piss & shit at the ghost. It is also about hiking in the wilderness alone for long hours. It is a grind that is tireless. The players can have a commentary on social media, which is through the interactions which are asynchronous while they are playing. Its scope is breathtaking, and it is intelligent in design with consistency and stunning to watch. Death Stranding characters drop quick quotes of Kobo Abe interpretations.

Following the departure from Konami in 2016, Death Stranding is Hideo Kojima’s first big project. The game released immediately after tragic Silent Hills cancelation, which was supposed to be a collaboration of a video game, starring Norman Reedus with film director Guillermo del Toro. In Death Stranding during development, the plot & gameplay were guarded secrets, with excessive & celebrity-laden trailers. The game, through its marketing, is presented as mythology, and Kojima considered a legend. Kojima has a highly skilled team, many years of experience & millions of dollars backing of Sony. The game is set in another future where a cataclysmic event called Death Stranding has shattered the world. The incident is described as an enormous explosion, has blurred lines between the living & the afterlife. In Death Stranding, there is something after death, which is observable & measurable. In the game Death Stranding, America is scattered to different lives of people who are trying to get by, surrounded by monsters & murderers. The solution to this issue is unrealistic

Death Stranding decides that the rise in violence and isolationist rhetoric around the world is fixable. It suggests that the division of politics can give rise to something holistic & inclusive.  The game, to its disadvantage, never estimates with its iconography of America or it’s a nation founded on colonial slaughter & slavery, but it still points a finger. Death Stranding is not a refined game. The mechanics of this game are the message. Build connections, use those connections to span divides.

Jose Jones

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