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Minecraft Cross 112 Million Active Player Base


Minecraft is one of the Most Popular games for the Console and PC gamers. With the interactive storyline and online multiplayer game support, it is loved by millions. We knew that millions of people play this game, but the numbers shared by Microsoft are astonishing. Microsoft announced that more than 112 Million players are active on Minecraft servers. From the last reported date in October 2018, the numbers rose by 20 million active users. Even though the game is a decade old and has no significant visual improvements, the people love it like nothing else.

Microsoft always claimed that Minecraft is a good game, and people like it. But there are many reasons why people love this game so much. With the ten years anniversary update, Microsoft introduced a ton of new content to the game. Also, a popular YouTuber PewDiePie played the game for more than a few months, which helped the game to make a grand comeback. PewDiePie posted the content related to Minecraft on his YouTube channel with more than 100 million subscribers. Fortnite was in trend from the last few months, but the trend is going away as Fortnite is not much fascinating to the regular players.

Minecraft is not a free game. It has tons of in-app purchases and available on almost all of the platforms. Still, it is gaining popularity and big games like Fortnite losing the charm. This is all because of the content and classic nostalgic gameplay. Also, the Xbox Game Pass has helped the game to get the attention it needed from the player base. Fortnite threatened to dethrone Minecraft, but Epic Games are still trying hard to do the same. Minecraft is an original game, and Fortnite is just a hybrid of Minecraft and Battle-Royale games.

Herbert Devil

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