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iPhone Users Warned Against Upgrading To iOS 13


An updated version of an operating system is always exciting. But the release of iOS 13 has turned into a nightmare for millions of iPhone users worldwide. Apple recently rolled out iOS 13 for its users. Anyone with an iPhone 6S model or later can download the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system. However, the latest version is full of security flaws. Even the United States Department of Defense has issued a warning for the users including its employees and contractors. The department has asked the users to not upgrade their devices and wait for the company to release new version iOS 13.1. In a statement, the DoD said that it strongly encourages users to not update it to escape known security bugs. It added that if the device is compatible for an upgrade then one should read the tips for getting the device to prepare for the update.

The bug is generally a security flaw. In iOS 13, it allows access to the contact data without unlocking the device. It was first found in the public beta version of iOS 13. The beta version was released to developers by tech researcher Jose Rodriguez. The researcher claimed that he had alerted Apple about the bug in July. He had also shared a video on the Internet about the same which garnered public and media attention. Apart from allowing access to the contact list, iOS 13 also contains a number of bugs, including dropping of cellular signals and crashing of applications. To bypass the iOS 13 update, one has to do is turn off Automatic Updates feature in the device.

The company has not issued any public statement on the bugs so far even though these were reported widely well before its scheduled release. Instead, it has moved up the release of iOS 13.1. It will be rolled out on September 24. Earlier, the new version of iOS 13 was slated for release on September 30. The company has also promised that iOS 13.1 will contain a number of bug fixes and new features.

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