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iOS 13 Users Cannot Play Pubg Mobile And Fortnite


If you are a Fortnite or PUBG Mobile fan, then this is a must-read article for you. The owners of iPhone who have updated their mobile operating system to just released iOS 13 cannot play Fortnite and PUBG. So, if you have not updated your handset, wait a minute and give a rethink. If you want to continue playing these games on your iPhone, you have a valid reason to skip the update. The popular combat online video games are no longer playable on the iPhones after iOS 13 update. This is because there is a bug present in the latest version of iPhone operating system. The gesture controls are creating problems and thus making these games unplayable. The tech giant introduced a new three-finger press-and-hold feature with the iOS 13 update to improve text editing. However, the new feature is creating hurdles for Fortnite and PUBG Mobile games. The feature breaks the PUBG Mobile gameplay. Users have reported that they were facing difficulties when they try to use more than two fingers while playing the games. Users said that the moment they use more fingers, the new feature pop-ups in between the game and causes disruptions in the session.

While Apple has not issued any official statement so far on the bugs in iOS 13.0, PUBG Mobile has responded to it. PUBG Corporation which developed and published the game confirmed the problem its users are facing who upgraded to iOS 13. The subsidiary of South Korean video game developer Bluehole said that it is aware of an issue where touching the screen with three fingers will trigger an iOS function and disrupt the game.

Not only video games, but the latest feature also affects a lot of applications, especially those mobile games wherein the players have to use more than two fingers to play. Notably, Apple has preponed the date to release iOS 13.1 update. The iOS 13.1 is set to roll out on September 24 instead of September 30 fixed earlier. The users are expecting that the company would fix the bugs that are affecting the performance.


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