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Twitter Rolls Out Hide Replies Feature In US, Japan


Twitter has finally rolled out the ‘Hide Replies’ feature in the United States and Japan. The development is part of an intensive effort the microblogging site is making to stop the spread of anger and rage online. The tech giant has announced the launch in these countries after testing this feature for several weeks in Canada. Twitter first announced hide replies feature in February 2019 but started testing it only in early July. The company decided to launch this feature in other parts of the world after it found that people were more interested in interactions when they hide some replies, reads the company’s new blog post.

So, if the person who tweets original comment find some replies as irrelevant, outright offensive or inappropriate, he can hide it by clicking on the right hand menu and then selecting hide reply option which has been added to the list of the set of normal options. Once selected, the particular reply will no longer be visible to other users. But the hide feature does not actually delete replies from Twitter. They are simply put behind a curtain which can easily be accessed with an extra click on an icon. But this feature will definitely help during live discussions where you will have the authority to decide how others engage in the debate.

Earlier, the microblogging site only offered options like block, mute and report users. While reporting a tweet is a time taking and complicated process, muting and blocking only impact an individual’s Twitter experience as one will not see posts from other users, but Twitterati still could. Hide replies is one of the unique features provided by Twitter to its users. The feature could result in a more friendlier and filtered conversation. Other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram only give you the authority to delete any replies to your own posts only. Twitter said that conversations on Twitter bring people together to learn, debate and laugh and irrelevant and distracting replies can ruin it.

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