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Pandora’s new desktop app for Windows 10


Usage of apps has become a trend, and this trend is expected to gain traction in the future. However, apart from mobile apps, a new trend observed in the apps market is that companies are focusing on apps for desktop.

As the Apple Music is focusing on creating web browsers, Pandora is shifting its focus in the opposite direction, on development of a desktop app. Following debut of a Mac desktop app in May, Pandora launched a new app for Windows.

Pandora’s Mac app offers various features for Mac users such as keyboard shortcuts, on-screen notifications, and much more. However, that does not include support for streaming podcasts, and the new desktop app for Windows supports similar features. Pandora confirms that they plan to support podcasts in the future. Pandora app is available on the Microsoft Store for the Windows 10 users.

Pandora’s Windows desktop app, alike its Mac app, is available for use to both – paid subscribers and free users. The tiers of service include Free, Pandora Plus, and Pandora Premium. The difference in access is that free users have access to ad-supported version, whereas as Pandora Plus subscribers get access to ad-free version of the app, along with personalized stations, unlimited skips, and maximum four offline stations. Pandora Premium subscribers get access to same features as Pandora Plus subscribers, however, it offers additional features such as ability to create and share playlists, enable user to play songs or albums on-demand, and access to unlimited offline listening.

Similar to Mac desktop app, the Windows app enables keyboard shortcuts in order to control operations such as play, pause, replay, shuffle, etc. Additionally, users can view details of artist, song, and album title of the current song that is playing. Moreover, it supports features of Pandora Modes, that enables users to refine personalized and customized stations and play songs of selected genre. Categories include songs that are voted as top favorites, songs by new artists or from selected artists only, new releases, among other options.

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