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Nowadays Medicine became the family-friendly privacy profession


Most of the female doctors nowadays than any other professionals to have children and keep working. Britni Hebert aged 37 was a chief resident on a path for a career in an extremely challenging field of oncology. Everything was going well until she found out that she was having twins, all kind of things shattered on its head as she said. She cannot visualize 80 hrs. of workweeks with two newborn babies at home; also, her husband was doing a rigorous radiology fellowship. However, she didn’t quit her profession and decided to practice geriatrics and internal medicine. By doing so, she could have more control over her work hrs.

Dr. Hebert has been able to change her schedule 3 times according to the changing family’s needs. She now works around 85% of the full-time hours. Certainly, Medicine has become a family-friendly profession as compared to other professions where long working hrs demanded. Most jobs progressively require inflexible hrs, long hrs, and they are not paying well for the people who work for them. Also, if one parent is at work the other has to stay at home to look after kids. Most of the times that was a woman; this is the reason behind women getting paid less salary or pushed out of work.

However, Medicine field has changed now and rewarding doctors and other healthcare workers the choice of having more control over their hours. They can still practice at topmost of their training and paid handsomely. Today, around half of the medical students are women, and they are the majority in some specialties like geriatrics, pediatrics, children psychiatry. Female doctors are most likely to have children than women with business degrees or law degrees. Also, they are less likely to stop working compared to other working women. According to Claudia Goldin, an economist from Harvard, flexible and predictable working hours are vital in professions to narrow the gender pay gap. As most American workers are struggling to meet the modern-day family needs, Medicine comes as a rescue for younger peoples who want balanced life.

Herbert Devil

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