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Environmental Regulation Are Imposed as per the Convenience of People


In today’s world, due to increasing concern regards the environment, there are many essential regulations to impose banning water bottles at the airport. The airport authority at San Francisco Airport announced to officially banned the rules for environment protection. This changes in the new law will not achieve the objective of clean and healthy environment. At airport, it will continue to sell a wide range of juice, sports drinks, and soda in plastic bottles. The rules regarding the environment are seeking according to convenience of people. cruelty is the point when the question comes to environmental related regulations

Many environmental rules were failed to protect the natural environment at numerous places around the globe. Which in turn, increase the damages to the environment. In 2016 California, started the rule of banning single-use plastic grocery bags. Many grocers worldwide offer reusable cotton bags. This is regarded as green alternative to both paper and plastic bags. But according to study conducted by Denmark’s Ministry of Environment and Food in 2018. They revealed that one should use an organic cotton shopping bag.

A study conducted in 2011 study from Britain’s Environment Agency. They founded that many damages are happening to the planet earth than the impact of plastic. A study conducted by University of Sydney economist Mr. Rebecca Taylor. It showed that after the ban the consumption of plastic had increased gradually around the world. The people who were using recycled plastic grocery bags for household waste. These are more environmentally friendly and are less harmful than regular plastic bags. Using organic cotton shopping bag will help to reduce the environmental impact. This, in turn, will protect the environment. High energy is required for producing paper. This implies that by reusing a paper bag three times. This will help to lower the environmental impact as compared to disposable plastic products.

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