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WhatsApp is focusing on addressing its fake news problem


WhatsApp, managed by Facebook Inc., is one of the most prevalent instant messaging apps globally. More than billions of people using such an app each month. It is widely used across Asia, Latin America, Africa, and Europe. It is an e-commerce platform, as well as a small business customer communication tool. It also referred to as significant news tool and a social network or a source of entertainment. But, WhatsApp has also been mention as a significant factor in spreading fake news and responsible for the lynching, political propaganda, and religious clashes. At the same period, due to it is an end-to-end encrypted platform, WhatsApp may not access the content being received and shared by its users. Even the company’s engineers have repeated this view in interactions with the journalists. WhatsApp for over a year now, facing pressure from India to bring in the traceability of bogus message originators.

According to SFLC.in’s Internet shutdowns tracker, India had 70 Internet shutdowns in 2017. More recently, killed and attacked people, as well as publishing of a video clip warning about kidnapping children, etc. To stop rumors and fraudulent data, WhatsApp had last year limited forwarding messages to five chats at once. Also, spreading awareness through advertisements in newspapers, television, and radio campaigns by offering tips to users on how to spot misinformation. Meedan, which is a non-profit social technology company, has developed the technology to support the verification of rumors. It will maintain the database of such contents. For that, they have expanded check platform and combined it with the WhatsApp Business API, to receive and reply to information at scale.

As per PROTO originators Nasr ul Hadi and Ritvvij Parrikh, the goal of the project is to examine the misleading phenomenon at scale, mainly in WhatsApp. They will be focusing on identifying sensitive or involved issues, languages, locations, regions, and others. WhatsApp has lately added a new product tweak to decrease sharing and allow group admins to stop the spread of misinformation. But the company is not tracking either moderating the real content.

Herbert Devil

I am covering the global region for electronics and technology sector for motorexpo.com. Previously I was Technology writer for a news company in the UK, and in 2015, I was awarded as one of the best journalists. I have spent time discovering global trends and advance technologies for communication and electronic media. Also, I have more interest in Electronics gadgets, technology in mobile, and wearable technology. You can connect me using the contact form.


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