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Video Doorbell: Latest Trend in 2019


The video doorbell is introduction of the latest trend in smart home technology. Although they can be misunderstood with standard home security cameras, but both are distinct. The video doorbell includes security cameras. The front door is the entrance to home, an entry point for family, friends and other folks. With the installation of video doorbell, guests need to ring the buzzer like they usually do. The owner will instantly get the notification on the phone along with the live video so they can look at whoever’s there. Further Guests and owner can then chat via a microphone and a built-in speaker in the doorbell. In addition to this, some latest video doorbell also works with smart locks and opens the doors without the hassle of physically opening it.

Recent video doorbells are Wi-Fi enabled and offer numerous advance feature. These features include designs, video storage, subscription, video quality, and general installation. Which vary a lot from model to model. Few of the tested trendiest video doorbells includes brand names such as Nest Hello, Ring Video Doorbell, Arlo Audio Doorbells, August Doorbell Cam Pro, and several others. Testing a smart doorbell and testing of any other home security camera are similar procedures. First, one needs to download the related app and then create an account. A good app consists of all the vital steps for installation and details such as how to connect doorbells with a Wi-Fi network. After installing doorbell by the manufacturer’s guidelines, make sure to check features like activity zones or motion detection are enabled.

There are number of features to look for in your smart video doorbell. For instance, it is essential that video doorbell works in accordance with smart home platform, for example, Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple HomeKit. The second important factor is latency. It is important that the device sends you push alert as soon as someone push the doorbell, if it takes long then it introduces risk of missing your visitor. Further, one can enable the motion sensor of video doorbells to get notify about the activities happening near the door, even if no one rings the bell. Further, night vision, audio quality is some add on features.

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