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China Aviation Authority said that employees who will participate in protest would be suspended from mainland China flights


Cathay Pacific workers face the risk that they might be banned from many of the company’s flights if they join the Honking’s demonstrations. Largest Airline Cathay Pacific announced new forms after china’s authority have decided to stop Cathay employees from protesting and flying to china’s mainland. China’s CAA said that Cathay workers who will take part in a protest, violence will be banned from working on flights. CAA also said that Cathay will also have to inform which all employees are traveling well in advance before takeoff. Cathay CEO has reported this information to their employees. He also mentioned that anyone who will participate in protest or violence will be banned from flying to mainland China.

Cathay Pacific is situated in Hong Kong, which is a part of China. However, Hong Kong has a separate framework. It gives the city particular legal and political freedom, but this does not apply to China’s mainland. It has been consecutive ten weekends of violence and protests. They are asking for bigger democracy, a separate inquiry into suspected police cruelty. Also, they are demanding Mr. Carrie’s resignation. At some places, police have used tear gases which have caused injuries to protestors. Mr. Hogg said, “Our principal focus is on giving safe and relaxed experience to their customers. At the same time, we try to create a supportive and safe environment for Cathay employees. However, people may share different opinions; it is required that we all should respect our customers, members, and each other.

Cathay Pacific also said that they would provide a report to CAA on actions taken to develop flight security and safety. Also, they said that it would comply with CAA. Company has suspended one of their pilot who was involved in protests and violence. Cathay flies almost thirty million people every year and also it serves 200 cities worldwide. It has its hub in Hong Kong, but due to a political imbalance, it has hampered its business. Cathay Pacific had to cancel more than one fifty flights last week.

Alan Rafter

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