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Death because of cancer is more common than cardiovascular diseases


According to the latest studies, cancer is surpassing cardiovascular disease as the major cause for death among the middle-aged people. In the new research published in a journal, The Lancet has found that death from cancer is more common in the current time than in cardiovascular diseases.

The study has analysed the cause of death in five major countries such as Sweden, Canada, Chile, Argentina, Poland and Turkey. “We have been watching the decline in cardiovascular disease for a while in many countries,”  said Dr. Salim Yusuf, distinguished professor and executive director at the Population Health Research Institute at McMaster University in Canada, who was senior author of the study. “It was just a matter of time that the progress we make in reducing cardiovascular disease mortality will lead to a fall in death rates from cardiovascular disease below that of cancers.”

This could have happened due to more research and study in this field. This also shows failure of strategies used to reduce tobacco smoking. The analysis is based on death and disease among 162534 adults across five continents. Researchers also noticed that cardiovascular diseases were more common in middle income groups. Cancer related death was found more in the high income community.

 “We are seeing a new epidemiologic transition — from heart disease to cancer as the leading cause of death — which is occurring first in high income communities,” said Dr. Latha Palaniappan, lead author of that previous research and a professor of medicine at Stanford University Medical Center in California. She was not involved in the new studies.

“This is an important opportunity, both in our country and worldwide, to understand the factors that have led to the steep decline in heart disease in high-income populations,” she said. “Our challenge going forward is to evenly apply these benefits to less advantaged populations. The research had limitations since it covered only five continents and not the entire world.

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