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Apple Finally Decides to Supply Parts to Third Party Repair Shops


Finding authorized repair parts is one of the biggest troubles when it comes to fixing Apple products. That is because Apple used not to supply its parts to third-party stores, even when state laws were compelling it to do that. Now, however, Apple has announced that it would start supplying authentic parts to third-party repair shops in the United States. The tech giant is planning to start this venture in the US for the first time and have plans to expand the same to other countries in the future. Of course, this would make it a bit easier to get your iPhone repaired.

According to Apple, the plan was born due to the increasing demand for iPhone repair needs. No less than millions of users approach third party shops with their broken-screen iPhones and damaged charging ports, only to find that the authentic replacements are not available. This often forces users to go for non-authentic products, which is both unhealthy for the device and non-profitable for Apple. As per the new plan, third-party repair spots including Best Buy Inc. would be receiving the official parts and they can use these parts to repair an out-of-warranty iPhone.

It is not easy for independent shops to become an authorized reseller or service center of Apple products as the company looks forward to having a higher volume of purchases. With this move, however, these shops would have access to the official parts and will be able to offer authorized-like service to the customers. On the bright side for Apple, this opens up another opportunity to sell more accessories and replacement parts. Even when the iPhone sales are declining like never before, the company has managed to maintain a steady growth in terms of accessories like the AirPods and Apple Watch, and the trillion-dollar company is trying to keep as many people as they can in the ecosystem.

Alan Rafter

As a former European Automotive correspondent for Reuters and MarketWatch, I have a spent five years writing about the automotive industry. I have been writing about hybrids, electric vehicles, and hydrogen since 2007. My articles and reviews have appeared on most of the big green car blogs, The New York Times, Automotive News, Car Talk, and other places. I believe the shift away from gasoline-powered vehicles is important and interesting not just for the auto industry, but for the world as a whole.