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Hurricane Dorian will get stronger and more dangerous in coming days


According to the latest reports, Hurricane Dorian could come under category 3 storm. This storm is getting stronger as it moves closer to the Atlantic coast in Florida. This phenomenon could get worse because of Florida King Tides.

These tides are also known by the name Spring tides. King tides in Florida will be much stronger this time because the moon will be very close to earth due to “Perigee”. Since water is at its warmest point, this could also contribute to an increase in danger. “The sun has baked the ocean all summer in the tropics and the ocean literally expands,” says CNN meteorologist Brandon Miller. With all this together and Hurricane Dorians thing could get far more dangerous than thought.

“The hurricane will feed off this warm water and get stronger, and then the winds will push all of the water, building the water levels even higher and pushing them on shore” Miller says. One possible way to reduce the impact is to get people to inlands and be updated with the local weather channel.

According to the forecast made it will pass through northern Bahamas on Sunday and by Monday morning it would make a landfall on Florida peninsula. A warning has been issued by officials to Floridians from Miami to Jacksonville to prepare for a hit as the computer models have shown a divergent track from the storm’s path.

GOV. Ron DeSantis has issued emergency to all the 67 counties of the state and have asked to gather food, medicine and other supplies needed for seven days. He requested to the new residents to learn from hurricane survivors. “Obviously We are always bringing new people into the states, so a lot of people are now experienced in hurricane. Talk to your neighbors if you have never been through a hurricane here” said Mr. DeSantis

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